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Welcome to Premier Food and Beverages Pty Ltd!

Premier Food and Beverages Pty Ltd is a HACCP certified importer and wholesaler of fine European foods and beverages. Our history started in 1972 as Ainca Sales, traditionally supplying continental delicatessens and butchers, specialty retailers and some major retailers with seasonal confectionery items.

Today, our aim is to strengthen our brand portfolio and respond to today's market trends. More recently, we secured the agencies for Alb Gold, Bechtle, Hengstenberg and Teekanne from Germany, all market leaders in their respective fields. Our confectionery range includes organic, fair trade, sugar free and no sugar added varieties, as well as premium milk and dark chocolates from our global partners such as Zotter, Valor, Camille Bloch, Rausch and Hauswirth.

Our comprehensive range of branded products are available nationally through our distributors, and will add value and some welcome diversity to most retailers portfolios.

Premier Food and Beverages Pty Ltd is HACCP certified. Our Food Safety program and HACCP certification means that you can be assured that  we monitor and control all of our products from the source to you to ensure maximum quality and compliance to Australian food safety standards.

To see pricing and to place orders via this website, you will need to register with us first. Membership is only available to businesses in the food industry. Please follow the 'register' link at the top of this homepage. Once approved, you will receive a membership confirmation email.

Please note, orders placed via our website receive higher volume discounts and lower delivery fees (if applicable), than orders placed via phone, fax or email. For further details on our volume discounts and delivery fees, please see the article in the 'News' section of our website.



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